"The Zombie Genealogist" because I am always up at all hours of the night hot on the trail of some elusive ancestor or deeply invested in whatever subject I am currently learning. I don't begrudge this encompassing passion of mine; however, I constantly stomp through my regular life exhausted and feeling half dead - like a zombie!

And, honestly, what genealogist isn't trying to raise the dead so to speak? That's our job! We're all trying in our own way to bring the dead back to life, to make them UNdead, to reanimate them, to create our own family "army" of THE WALKING DEAD - right?

So, yeah - the moniker is unique and different... and hopefully memorable! It's topical and trendy these days, at least. And I actually do happen to love zombies - courtesy of my husband who converted me long ago with his horror film obsession.


Positivity | Innovation | Tolerance | Humour

I am not exactly sure, yet, how this blog will work itself out... but a wise genea-blogger once told me that I have to do it for myself and no one else. So this is me, writing for myself, not worrying about an audience or target market [at least not yet], discovering my goals and dreams and genea-voice!

I already know that I hope this blog will help me:
  • Bring a new, helpful perspective to this field. **
  • BE THE ANCESTOR I WISH I HAD!! In other words, to record and share some of my own family stories and thoughts/feelings about present-day issues as well of the more mundane aspects of my daily life for myself and future generations. 
  • To inspire others to write their family stories and record their own thoughts and feelings about present-day issues and the details of their everyday life for themselves and for future generations.
  • To foster interest in and enthusiasm for family history and genealogy in my family, geographical area and beyond.
  • To assist others with their own family tree research, if I can.
  • To practice and refine my research techniques and genealogical skills.
  • To reel in any potential cousins who may be wandering the world wide web.
  • To grow as a person and a genealogist.
Although I will endeavour to avoid repetition of news and events [because there are certainly many more capable and informed bloggers out there than me, at present!!] this may be a place where a hodge-podge of genealogically and historically interesting tidbits collect as I struggle to find my own unique voice and place within the genealogy community.

[AKA Traits That May Colour & Shape My Blog Posts]

Female. Thirties. Married. Three kitty-cat fur-babies. Living in the National Capital region (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada). Bibliophile. Movie addict. Frugalista!
Non-Genealogy Interests***: CONTESTS, freebies, DEALS, auctions, yard sales, thrift stores GEEKERY, tech, MOVIES, travelling, photography, music, BOOKS, sci-fi, historical fiction, the environment, animals, health and wellness.

  • Currently enrolled at the National Institute for Genealogical Studies (NIGS)
    - quadruple specialization: Professional Development, Methodology, Canadian Records, and English Records
  • Certified Web Designer
  • Certified Teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • 2 yrs towards a BA in Psychology

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Yes, The Asterisks Mean Something...

** It is my earnest hope that the perspective of this genealogy N00B and so-called "youngin" will prove insightful, even helpful to those already "in the know". My understanding, so far, is that the genealogy community at large would like to attract the interest of younger generations. Well, I'm in my early thirties and can count on two hands [max!] the number of similarly-aged individuals I've seen attending conferences (in Ontario, Canada)... So, hopefully, the viewpoint of a young(er) beginner(-ish) genealogist can add new juice to the cause, supply a new angle to consider or spark someone else's incredible idea. It is my goal to be provocative (and therefore helpful) if possible but never disrespectful. I fully anticipate that my lack of experience and knowledge will cause the ole Foot-In-Mouth Disease to flare up occasionally; but, please know ahead of time that it is never, ever my intention to be rude or arrogant.

*** ....Or ARE they??? Stay tuned!!

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  1. This is my first time visiting your blog and I love your main graphic! Glad to meet you and looking forward to following you online. Thanks for stopping by! Shannon @ www.mamamusing.ca


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