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All the legal mumbo-jumbo and boring but important, common sense jargon that shouldn't have to be published but unfortunately is required because idiots tend to pop up out of the blue and zombies don't (yet) exist to gnaw them to death.

So, without further ado...


"LDC: The Zombie Genealogist" is a personal blog written and edited by Lisa-Dawn Crawley (also known as LDC). All rights reserved.

No portion of this blog may be reproduced in whole or in part without prior written permission from the author. This includes images and photographs. Any and all reproductions must, without exception, credit the author by name, email address and reciprocal or text link.

With that said, please share and link ad nauseum via social media.
Requests, questions and comments:

Every effort has been made to ensure proper credit is applied where due. Please accept my most sincere apologies for any errors and/or inconvenience. It is NEVER my intention to claim any work as my own that I have not personally completed; however I am only a fallible human genealogist and it is a reasonable assumption that I may at some point make a mistake (don't tell my husband!). Therefore, I am ready, willing and able to correct or remove as necessary. Please, simply contact me with your (hopefully polite) request. ***

*** Acknowledgements
I have gratefully read, been inspired by and adapted advice from the following resources in compiling this RuleZ page:
DearMYRTLE Disclosures
Why You Need a Blogging Disclosure Statement

Contacting LDC:
Learn more about contacting LDC, by following THIS link.

Privacy Policy

LDC: The Zombie Genealogist has the utmost respect for your privacy. Maintaining the confidence and trust of family members and readers is a high priority. All personal and/or identifying information provided in confidence (including but not limited to your name, addresses, telephone numbers, family details and photographs) will never intentionally be published or shared in any way without your explicit written permission. Nor will they otherwise intentionally be released, sold or rented to any other individual, group or company.

In other words, I treat others as I would like to be treated. For example, I do not like to share photos of myself and immediate family online via public forums. Ever. Therefore, I would never, ever publish photos of you or yours without your explicit consent.

Remember:While every effort is expended to protect any personal information you may share in confidence with LDC: The Zombie Genealogist, the security of electronically shared information simply cannot be guaranteed. Please use your own best judgement whenever and wherever you choose to share.

Please note that comments on posted to this blog are PUBLIC; therefore, LDC: The Zombie Genealogist cannot be held responsible for the privacy of information you choose to disclose in the comments section. There can be no reasonable expectation of privacy when posting to such a public forum. Please keep this in mind when using this site.

Your Private / Financial Info:
LDC: The Zombie Genealogist will never ask for your credit card details, passwords or any other account information.

External sites: LDC: The Zombie Genealogist cannot and will not be held responsible for the content, practices or policies of external websites to which this site may link. You are well-advised to review the privacy policy of all external sites before disclosing any personal information.


** Please refer to the Copyright section above in order to request permission to use any content from this site.

LDC is responsible for all content on this site, excluding visitor comments and any guest contributions. Content not personally written or created by LDC shall be clearly marked.

Other than visitor comments and specifically labelled guest contributions, LDC: The Zombie Genealogist reflects the personal views and opinions of Lisa-Dawn Crawley.

Anonymously submitted comments will be edited, deleted or published at the discretion of LDC.

Any image not attributed to another source should be presumed to be owned and/or created by LDC.

Accuracy, Validity & Timeliness:
This blog should be considered a work in progress. Timeliness and accuracy are definite goals but should not be considered guarantees in this world where information frequently becomes outdated as soon as it is shared. And, again, this fallible human creature has been known to make mistakes from time to time. (Again, don't tell my husband!)

Content at LDC: The Zombie Genealogist is never posted or hosted with the intention of doing harm to anyone, anything or any service/company. Any criticism is only ever shared with constructive intent. Readers and site visitors will not hold me liable for libel or defamation in the content.

The content on this blog is not meant to be taken as fact nor absolute. Genealogists should know that facts are perceived and opinions can change over time or as new information is discovered and additional circumstances brought to light. Please investigate, research and verify any claims, statistics, quotes or other details found here about a product, event or service with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

In short: Make up your own mind! Mine is only one opinion. Everyone has different standards of evaluation.

Advertising & Compensation
Presently, LDC: The Zombie Genealogist should be considered a personal blog though you will see some effort has been made to create a small income stream.

This blog abides by word of mouth marketing standards. I believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity.

As such, I'd like you to know that this blog accepts various forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions and other forms of compensation. (But just because it is accepted doesn't necessarily mean it is offered, LOL).

Compensation received may influence advertising content, topics or posts; however personal opinions, findings, beliefs and/or experiences on those topics or products will always given HONESTLY and as objectively as possible. In other words: I may get paid (via cash payment, free product or service, reciprocal link, etc) to blog, tweet, advertise or otherwise share something BUT any form of payment, gift or other reciprocation DOES NOT GUARANTEE I will give a company or product a positive review, blog post or endorsement.

In fact, it is likely that many (even most) posted opinions and reviews will not be requested or compensated at all. I just like to share my opinion and this is my blog so I will do and say what I want! So there!


The owner of this blog has received free or discounted products, services and/or payments from the following individuals, companies, etc:
None, so far.

Affiliations & Partnerships

The owner of this blog would like to disclose the following relationships:

CURRENT (as of Dec 2015):
  • I am a founding member of The NextGen Genealogy Network (TNGGN)
  • I am a paying subscriber to (World Deluxe), (world),, Internet Genealogy (magazine) and Family Chronicle (magazine).
  • I am a paid member in good standing of the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO), and The Surname Society.
  • I use Family Tree Maker, Legacy Family Tree and MyHeritage, GENMatcher and GENViewer software - all privately owned and purchased copies.
  • I have paid to have my DNA tested by 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA and AncestryDNA.
  • I am enrolled as a student in good standing at The National Institute for Genealogical Studies (NIGS).
  • I am a volunteer transcriptionist at FindAGrave, BillionGraves and FamilySearch.
  • I am on the planning committee for the 2017 OGS conference to be held in Ottawa.
  • I am a (so far, very bad) volunteer Twitter Team Member for The Surname Society.


Okay... I think that's it. Isn't that enough?? The above are the rules you agree to by using this site for your own edification, amusement or enjoyment. You are hereby ON NOTICE.

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