Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Roy Clement Stanton

The tombstone of my biological* maternal grandfather, Roy Clement Stanton:

Photograph taken 16 May 2010 by LDC.

5 JUNE 1919
26 MARCH 1993

This stone can be found standing in St. Michael's Cemetery which lies at 166 Kedey Street on the outskirts of the small village of Fitzroy Harbour within the greater city limits of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada.

I would say Roy rests in the Stanton family plot but, frankly, there are so many Stantons in this cemetery that the whole shebang could (almost) be considered the family cemetery.** Case in point, this stone stands in a line with three other Stanton stones towards the front and center of the cemetery while his father's sits in a far corner with still others. And there are at least two other stones specific to this surname AND my particular tree that I can recall off the top of my (admittedly rotten) noggin.

Photograph taken 16 May 2010 by LDC.
Photograph taken 16 May 2010 by LDC

Suffice to say Roy's will be the first of many, many, MANY headstones I will feature from this Catholic cemetery. 

Yes, The Asterisks Mean Something

* I'm mindful to point out that Roy was my biological grandfather because I never met him in person and, for all non-genetic intents and purposes, I have always considered another man my "Papa". Nevertheless, without Roy I would not exist and he is therefore automatically deserving of a certain deference. 

** In fact, I have already found such an overwhelming number of connections to my tree that I'm quite interested to, one day, prove whether or not I am related to everyone buried in this cemetery.

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