Wednesday, 27 August 2014

FGS Goes to Texas while I get dragged around FanExpo

To be honest, I'm not being dragged tooth and nail to FanExpo Canada. I kinda wanna go. Kinda. The hesitation stems mostly from the hoards of people surely to be present and ... well, annoying. That, and the fact that the miles of walking and hours of waiting in lines are sure to do my poor body a grave disservice. But ya can't let Fibromyalgia ruin your life, right? I don't want to stay at home in bed forever! [Don't I? No. I don't. I really don't... Really! You hear that Legs?? Listen up!]

But, even with three days in my very recent past devoted to lovely genealogy learning, I am jealous of all those gathering in Texas for the upcoming FGS conference. As much fun as I'm sure to have stalking Norman Reedus, canoodling with celebrities and cavorting with like-minded fan people, it is still going to be difficult. Unlike Jamboree, there will be no tweeting for me. No hashtag following. No virtual attendance. I will be gobbled up by geekery.

On the bright side, every conference attended, regardless of theme, is more experience under my belt. I will be better prepared for the US national conferences I hope to attend in the not-too-distant future. Travel tips and techniques for refining my conference-attending skills should be forthcoming. Stay tuned!

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