Sunday, 21 September 2014

Ottawa Restaurant REVIEW: The Golden Palace

No concern for customer service anymore. It's sad. I guess they think they're "famous" in Ottawa so they can afford to treat some customers like utter crap. Clearly they don't value every customer when they are really busy or an individual staff member is feeling overwhelmed. It should never be okay for staff to treat customers with anything but decorum and respect. Unfortunately, we will never be going back after the way we were treated this time.

And, to be clear, this was their second chance in our mind. The last time we were there they were way over-crowded, condescending to the point of rudeness, took way too long to deliver our orders and the food (yes, even the eggrolls) were just awful.

Come to think of it, we even went in once on our way past just to get an eggroll each and the person behind the counter laughed at us for only buying two. "Only two? Ha!"

I think their food quality has slowly been declining over the past little while. Even the eggrolls at Scotiabank Place / Canadian Tire Centre have been off. It seems to be very hit-or-miss among our friends who have been patrons. We might be willing to deal with the poor service if the food was what it was once.

Good luck to any who decide to chance it.

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