Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Rules for Attending RootsTech

Rule Number One for attending RootsTech -- DO NOT promise to post to your blog every day of the conference. It's just not gonna happen.

Rule Number Two for attending RootsTech -- DO NOT promise to post within any particular time period. If you're like me, post-con germy-germs will overtake your depleted immune system and do their level best to zombify you prematurely. You will need all your strength to defeat these tiny-but-mighty warriors.

Rule Number Three for attending RootsTech - DO write your blog posts about the trip, no matter when you get to them. Because A) You want to document your own experience and B) even though they might not be "on-time" anymore, people who are attending other conferences will find them helpful whenever they find them and co-attendees will appreciate the "flashback".

I'm currently working on Rule Number Three.
Stay tuned!

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