Friday, 1 January 2016

Genea-Resolutions for 2016

I'm not generally someone who believes in setting New Year's resolutions; I prefer to set goals as required. However, for the purpose and betterment of this blog, I'm going to throw my Storm Trooper helmet into this ring of New Year traditions. After a stressful 2015 during which I felt "in the weeds" much of the time in most aspects of my life, compiling a list certainly can't hurt my focus! Right? Right!
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(Re above meme) Just kidding!

My overall goal for this coming year is to make genealogy my Number One Priority. Other than health and the other essentials of a productive life, my coursework and genea-goals WILL come first. Genealogy tasks and commitments WILL be attended to before any other. If a social gathering conflicts, too bad for the living people!

By December 31st 2016, I also will have...
  1. Published at least 365 total blog posts (here, duh!). Keeping a thought on realism and time management, I have decided that this does not necessarily equate to one post published per day.
  2. Applied for at least one genealogy-related scholarship or award to assist with expenses.
  3. Fully completed at least my Canadian Records certificate from The National Institute of Genealogical Studies (my aim is actually to have fully completed this much sooner than the end of the year).
  4. Become an effective member of the social media team for The Surname Society, specifically, and begun participating more in/with other societies/groups of interest.
  5. Developed a better sense of direction and some clear cut goals for this blog, my social media strategy, my genealogical education goals and, ultimately, my overall genea-"career".* 
There are, of course, OH so many other areas in which I have aims to better and/or get more involved: general organization... my never-ending reading list... myriad societies and groups... DNA comprehension and use in genealogical projects... writing and publishing in non-blog formats... the technical side of things on this blog and, maybe, a website... visiting local repositories... generating family and youth interest in the family tree... Yeah, the list goes on and on and on and on and very quickly becomes very overwhelming to the point of petrification...
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So, I shall only publicly commit to the above-mentioned quintet of tasks which have been plaguing my thoughts the most incessantly of late. And you shall deal with it! So there! HA!

The MyHeritage blog has posted five New Year's resolutions every genealogist should set, HERE. What are YOUR genealogy goals or resolutions for 2016??

Yes, The Asterisks Mean Something

* Perhaps a good start would be to stop using quotations when talking about my potential future career in the field of genealogy, eh? LOL

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