Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Racism Is Not Dead

I normally try to abstain from political commentary because everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I really don't like to argue when other people aren't at least open to different ideas or willing to agree to disagree... I have also been wary of alienating potential distant cousins or even potential future clients with whom I only connect with via social media. But the past few days have really scared me. I knew the USA was still a hotbed of racism but was naively unaware that similar prejudice is still so rampant in Canada. This is no longer a "political issue" this is a humanitarian issue. And it has everything to do with the history we are now creating for our descendants.

Last night, I posted the following:

I must have had a bee in my bonnet after that because I took on a few people's ignorant posts after that. One carried into this morning. I share to hopefully illuminate the scariness and maybe to perpetuate positivity or influence discussion. In my opinion, if you feel the need to get personal or to get nasty in a discussion or argument, your points are not solid and are likely based more upon emotion than intellect/fact. I think the words and phrases and general way individuals choose to communicate speaks volumes.

Names have been altered to protect the privacy of those involved and links have been taken out but spelling/grammar/punctuation and everything else is exactly the same.

RDW shared 


They win because you've sunk to their level. Makes perfect sense to me. I don't want to be anything like my enemies.

But if they are killing your people or your way of life you can't just take it you have to take a stand and fight back

They can't kill your way of life if you don't let them. They can't kill anyone if they don't have access to weapons, can't get into the country or on a plane if there are proper security measures, don't have access to nuclear weapons or bomb materials. IMO, lots of other things must be tried before resorting to wars and retaliation killings.

But unfortunately its already happening and our government is allowing it to happen easyest way to take over a country with out actual war take over businesses transportation then comes government

I don't agree that that is happening in Canada. There are some areas in which that might be a risk but if you think it's actually happening on a broad scale then we'll just have to agree to disagree. In regards to your original post, I agree 100% with Trudeau and I thank God daily that I do not live in the USA.

Love your enemy!

Yes so they can do to us like they did in Florida in a night club or Paris for no reason at all they just start shoting up the place and killing hundreds but thank god for our government and our leaders that let them in so they can do the same to us their children took chains to school and choked a little twice in the same week the school did nothing this happened in Nova Scotia then a boy was picked on because they felt the need to so now the boy the needed to go out a play soccer can't because of this kids who swears isis forever but no they are not changing anyone's life right you really need to rethink this they should not have been allowed in Canada after what they did in Paris

The answer to all of this is not KILLING people. Get a grip.

Really we have to die and whst are we to do invite them to lunch get clue these ppl don't know nothing but killing they don't think like we do

exactly. they are killing because they supposedly think differently than us. if we kill them back, we are being just like them. stooping to their level. it solves nothing. if you can't see there are other ways to deal with these problems then you are part of the problem and I feel sorry for you.

Then do tell everyone one the government the army and everyone else that has lost their lives due to them tell them how to deal with them then sense you know it all

I haven't claimed to know it all. And I'm not claiming that war may not be necessary sometimes - as a last resort. You can support soldiers without supporting war or killing. You can support victims without advocating reciprocal violence. The world is not black and white.

I unstand that but our Country let these ppl in without asking to see if we as a whole and the Country vote them in especially after Paris no one what's to go around fighting everyday to have a safe home but our government that you love so much thinks that we need to think like them not like peace keepers like we have always have so if everyone's way of thinking is changing it's because they feel that they need to so they can protect their families and friends not everyone is willing to just sit there and let them kill everyone that they see fit for now reason at all

Racist! That's all I have to say. Your better off not thinking. And please don't vote. Canada doesn't need another bigot

By "these people" I assume you mean the Syrian refugees. What do Syrian refugees have to do with Paris??? I don't agree that our government is thinking like terrorists instead of peacekeepers; I think the exact opposite. I'm not willing to sit around and let people kill me or my family. There is a difference between doing nothing and not killing people. I really think that you don't have a full understanding of immigrants versus terrorists. I hope you try to educate yourself a little more than you appear to be educated about these topics. Fear stems from a lack of understanding. If there were more understanding in the world, we wouldn't have these problems.
Oh I do and in each place that got shot up was done by the Immigrant refugees you can not tell me that I don't understand I'm not a stupid person I am well educated and I read everything I do understand that these refugees are not coming here without malice in their heart they intend to do damage and they are doing it they do not wish to just live in harmony with others in this country they do not respect this country or any other country they do not show respect to this country or any other country that they live in they do not show respect to anyone in this country they do not try to be friendly and their children are just as disrespectful as they are their children are just as vicious and willing to try to commit as many crimes to other humans as they do such as Nova Scotia with the two children with the change in the schoolyard choking one little girl twice in one week don't tell me that I don't understand I do and I would protect my family the best way I can

Even if it were true that immigrant refugees have shot up every place, which it is not, you cannot say that EVERY single immigrant is coming to Canada or the US with malice in their hearts. You just can't. You don't know what is in any individual's mind and to generalize as you are doing is not fair. To classify one whole religion or type of people in any particular way is racist. SOME of the immigrants are probably the way you describe but certainly not all and not the vast majority. A refugee is someone who is displaced because of war and has nowhere else to go. Why would they want to hurt the country that takes them in and gives them shelter? I suggest you start reading a variety of news not just the sources that speak to what you think you already know. Challenge your beliefs. It can't hurt you to think about all other options. Good luck.

Country was founded on immigrants murdering The native people. Probably your great great grandparents this country is not yours it's everybody's and just like there's bad people here there's bad people everywhere. But I'm not can argue anymore with you because you can't argue with stupid

She's clearly not stupid - we don't need to resort to name calling. In my opinion she just clearly lacks knowledge about this situation and people in general. It's scary as hell but the proper response is to foster education and understanding, not to promote negativity and hate by name calling.

just pisses me off that people can be so racist!

Stuart I totally get it.

I am educated thank you and I am a native so I more then anyone would know about the killings of how this Country was taken am I happy about NO but to say I am stupid because I do see things the way you do that is childish I raised my children not to fight and to alway try to stay out of argument but now I read ALL NEWS PAPERS and the news scares me to think that so many ppl think like you and not look at the fect that they are fighting for NO REASON IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY their way of thinking is so different then ours

In my opinion, you are free to see things however you want just as I am - but no one is entitled to spew hatred. That is what you are doing, in my opinion, and it makes you no better than the negativity/nasty people you are trying to avoid. Going back to the original post, an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. That doesn't help anyone. To generalize about any particular sect of people is unfair; it is racist and it is wrong. Are all natives fat, lazy drunks? No. Are some of them? Yes. Should we force all of them into rehab? No.

In conclusion, I don't anticipate being able to change anyone's opinion. I'm happy just to encourage constructive discussion. Basically, I can't sit around and say nothing when masses of people are being treated unfairly. I believe we must all choose positivity and love. Tolerance is a choice and we all deserve it. I choose to not be part of the problem. I choose to be a part of the solution. I will not perpetuate hate.


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