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Follow These Canadians at RootsTech

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I know you've always wanted it and I'm here to give it to you! [if your mind is in the gutter, BAHA! Now, let's move along quickly...]

I present to you The Compendium of Canadian's at RootsTech in 2018!

We canucks who are #NotAtRootsTech, of COURSE, want to follow the shenanigans of our syrupy brethren. You might notice them riding their majestic, antlered cows down the streets of Salt Lake City or stretching before engaging unwary Americans in a serious game of skatey-punchy outside the FHL --- or not. Either way, we're good people. And you should follow all of us.

L-R: The Kirsty Gray, Ruth Blair.
OGS2017. Used with permission.
Ruth Blair is Canada's Passionate Genealogist!
Ruth Blair is a Professional Genealogist and lecturer based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada who has been doing family history research for over 30 years. She has researched her family history from Canada to Ireland, England, Scotland, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Ruth has her Professional Learning Certificate for Genealogical Studies for Canada, England and Ireland from the
National Institute for Genealogical Studies. She has also written two books. The first was called “Planning a Genealogical Trip to Ireland: the Research Trail in Dublin” and the second was called “Remembering Trafalgar Township” a book commemorating the Township’s 200th Anniversary. Ruth writes the “The Passionate Genealogist” blog and makes of point of sharing her experiences at RootsTech for those sad, dejected #NotAtRootsTech souls, like me.

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Facebook: Research-55342464202/
Website/Blog “The Passionate Genealogist”:

L-R: Dianna (seated), Steve and his hat, David Thompson.
Used with permission, courtesy Cindy Taylor Robichaud.
Roots Tech 2018.
Dianna & Steve Fulton do a LOT for OGS and genealogy!
Just look for the hat! It has already been in an official RootsTech 2018 video shared on social media!

Steve is the current Vice-President of The Ontario Genealogical Society and Council Lead for the Niagara Peninsula Branch of OGS. His lovely wife, Dianna, is co-chair of the upcoming OGS 2018 conference to be held in Guelph, Ontario. I know they both do a lot more than just this! Cindy, David, Steve, his hat and Dianna (pictured right) hope to post on social media a lot throughout conference!

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Steve Twitter:
OGS Twitter:
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Facebook, "The Ontario Genealogical Society":
OGS Website:
OGS Conference Website:

Yes, used with permission.
BIFHSGO Pub Night at OGS 2017

Mags Gaulden likes pie!
Mags Gaulden is a Professional Genealogist specializing in Genetic Genealogy as founder of Grandma’s Genes in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She is also a Leader with WikiTree where she currently leads the DNA Project as well as others. Mags lectures on genealogy and produces and hosts weekly LiveCasts for WikiTree.

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Facebook “Grandma’s Genes”:

Here's a less hilarious photo of Mags (right), just for good measure. Here she is teaching a Fast Trax session at OGS's 2017 conference. You will probably find her in the RootsTech Expo Hall wearing this, her signature orange WikiTree shirt.

"The Majestic Screaming Beaver" by Jessica.
Johanne Gervais is a Canadian I don't know. (We don't all know each other up here).
Canadian blogger, Gail Dever, informs me that Johanne Gervais of the new Quebec Genealogical eSociety will be in the Exhibit Hall with her husband and attending sessions. I'm sure she is very lovely and I look forward to meeting her. In the meantime, I will be following her on Twitter!

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Jane MacNamara escorts Canadians to SLC in groups!
Jane MacNamara organizes trips from Ontario to Salt Lake City for Canadian genea-freaks who enjoy guided trips and research to the FHL is also a popular speaker up here in the Great White North. She is the author of "Inheritance in Ontario: Wills and Other Records for Family Historians" -- of which I have my very own copy AND it's autographed! I do not know Jane personally but we have met (she won't remember). If you're lucky enough to be in SLC, look for Jane and her Canuck Contingent. I believe they will all be sporting maple leafs in solidarity.

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Via Pinterest| (so no idea where
this came from originally).
Ellen Thompson-Jennings is the Family History Hound!
Ellen is owner of the online store, and creator of The DNA Angel Project. She is based in western Canada [brain farting exactly where, ATM -- I'll update when it comes to me. I will also add the photo I have once I locate whichever damn USB key it's on].

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[NEW as of March 2nd] KathInYeg is tweeting her first time at RootsTech!
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The Kirsty Gray gets an Honourarable Mention
I bequeath The Kirsty Gray with honourary Canadian status since she is the co-chair of this year's Ontario Genealogical Society conference with Dianna Fulton. [BTW, early bird registration pricing for this conference ENDS on February 28th]. She is pictured in a photo (above) with Ruth Blair. Keep an eye out for the brand new Mini Kirsty as well -- little K has already been making waves on social media!

Kirsty Gray is the UK's No. 1 Genealogist, People Finder and Heir Hunter. Family and local historian. Worldwide Sillifant surname study. Tetcott and Luffincott one-place studies. Founder and Chair of The Surname Society. Founding Chair now Secretary of Society for One-Place Studies. MD of Family Wise Limited. Author and world-renowned lecturer. Superstar (Gold Medallist) Rockstar Genealogist for UK/Ireland 2015 and 2016. Featured genealogist on Qui-Etes Vous? (Who Do You Think You Are?) in Canada and BBC1’s Family Finders in the UK. Expert researcher for BBC1’s Who Do You Think You Are?. Networking Queen and member of 4Networking Community. Member of Ontario Genealogical Society, Devon Family History Society. Member and Chair of West Middlesex Family History Society.

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BONUS Canadian --because we don't discriminate up here! (It's too cold).*
Devon Noel Lee is an American in Texas but she feels a strong Canadian connection and that's good enough for me!

Devon tells me her great grandpa and grandma were from Gainsborough, Ontario. Her grandpa became a professor in the US but his wife would go back to Ontario to deliver her babies with her mom's care. Except For Devon's. Devon's grandma was the first child born in the US. Additionally, Devon's dad's aunt returned to Ontario after she wed and Devon's cousins still live there. Devon is also proud to say that her great grandma is a descendant of Jacob Comfort UE on whose property the oldest maple tree in Canada in still standing (barely).

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Bahahaha! Via @AB-Ootlanders 

Are you a Canadian attending RootsTech this year and feeling left out? Sorry!
Comment below or send me a private, politely worded message and I will add you to the menagerie.

Yes, The Asterisks Mean Something...
* Okay, I know. There is definitely discrimination in Canada and we would do well to work on that. However, IMO, we're in a floatier boat than other countries as this specific point in time. That's all I'm sayin!

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